Premium Secure Hologram Laser checks from Midwest Safeguard contain multiple layers of check fraud protection. The idea is with more features you can insure that criminals will most likley more on to an easier target. Several features listed below are unique to Midwest Safeguard.
1) Flip Imagery The background design flips from the Safeguard Secure logo and lock icon (View 1) to the Safeguard logo (View 2). Also, the words VALID and SECURE flip, depending on the angle at which hologram is viewed.
2) Marquee Effect The color Safeguard logos at the bottom diffract one after another as the image is tilted from right to left.
3) Kinetic Effect The background has a bull's-eye kinetic effect that diffracts from behind the Safeguard logo in the center of the hologram.
4) Micro-Text The words CHECK PROTECTION repeats in the line above VALID/SECURE and below the kinetic Safeguard logos, letter height of .04".
5) Intentional Error The word PROTECTION has an intentional backwards letter N in one place only.
6) Covert Laser Viewable The Letters OK are hidden within the center logo and can only be viewed with a laser.
7) Special Technology Security Feature This feature is proprietary/confidential. Not to be shared with end user. This feature is exclusive to Safeguard Business Systems, Inc.
8) Toner Adhesion Chemistry in paper bonds laser toner to paper fibers with heat. Any damage is visible if toner is scraped off or lifted.
9) Visible Fibers Fibers randomly embedded in the paper that can be seen with the naked eye.
10) True Watermark Pressed into paper during manufacturing, watermark can be seen by holding the
check up to a light source. It cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners.
11) High-Security Background Pattern Complex pattern of lines and curves is a strong deterrent to cut-and-paste attempts.
12) Laid Line Backer Lines varying width and spacing deter cut-and-paste attempts.
13) Chemical Wash Detection Area Speckling or stains in this lock area indicate chemical alteration attempts.
14) High Resolution Border Intricately designed fine lines in border that are difficult to reproduce.
15) Thermochromic Ink Disappears with heat and will not appear on a photocopy.
16) Chemical-Sensitive Paper Shows stains resulting from chemicals, like bleach, used to wash check.
17) Invisible Fluorescent Fibers Visible under ultraviolet light. Cannot be reproduced with photocopiers or scanners.
18) Warning Border Text in border that notifies check handler of inherent security features.
19) Micro Printed Borders Text too small to be reproduced by photocopiers or scanners.
20) Consecutive Numbering Provides internal controls prior to authorization.
21) Padlock Icon Describes security features in detail to verify originality of the document.